Uncovering The Truth About Steroid Use

Uncovering The Truth About Steroid Use: Finding More About The Good And The Bad Effects


Nowadays, numerous myths and theories surround the use of anabolic steroids. Often, you can read in the media about the adverse effects of steroids and their harm to the human body. Most would typically refer to them as health risks, but only a few would talk about their benefits.

There have been many studies on genetics. One of them suggests that diversity in athletic performance, potential, and versatility in training may be due to genetics. Well, if you’re genetically gifted, then that’s great for you.

Is there any memory of that kid who was always taller than you in the schoolyard? You are distinctly shorter than him because of his genetics. The good news is there may be a solution for those of us who are not genetically elite.

So, here’s the part where you probably wonder, what is an anabolic steroid, by the way, and why is it commonly misunderstood? Steroids are synthetic forms of testosterone, the male hormone. They can either have an anabolic muscle-building effect or an androgenic masculinization effect.

The use of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) is generally considered a low-risk therapeutic drug. However, their use can also result in many ill-defined physical, psychological, and cosmetic consequences.

The use of anabolic steroids may lead to unwanted side effects as any drug can. Moreover, everyone has a different reaction to them since each has a distinct set of hormones.

Many people would even suggest that you do not begin to take anabolics. But every individual, athlete or not, is curious, right? So, if you would also like to know if safe steroids exist, please keep reading.

Do Safe Steroids Exist?

Keep in mind that no drugs can be a hundred percent safe. You can even expect side effects from wholesome products such as dietary supplements or phytochemicals.

Such effects can be severe at times, like when you ingest curcumin in substantial amounts, even as a dietary supplement. With curcumin acting as the estrogen hormone, having too much of it can result in drug-induced hepatitis. Individuals with pre-existing liver problems should take curcumin with precaution.

A famous quotation from Paracelsus says, “Everything is poison, and everything is medicine.” A substance that contains toxic properties can only harm people if it is present at a high enough level. Thus, a substance’s dose can determine the effects it has on the body. Using any form of medication should be guided accordingly by this rule, and that includes anabolic steroids.

The majority of side effects can only result from regular, prolonged overdosing. Exceeding the correct dose, especially if you do so for an extended period, could be the most common cause of the adverse reactions reported as evidence to support this theory.

Beneficial Effects Of Steroid Use

There are rare instances in which doctors prescribe anabolic steroids for anemia treatment and increase testosterone production among men. Steroids can also reduce inflammation and significantly help with pain management.

While for some athletes, they use steroids to boost their performance. Such steroids are different from the ones used for treating asthma or inflammation in various body parts. Anabolics are beneficial for those who wish to improve their muscle tissues and body mass rapidly.

According to some athletes, mass gain occurs differently on steroids and without steroids. Using anabolic steroids might even allow you to grow muscle quickly, even when you’re at home.

Active protein synthesis and enhanced oxygen flow within the muscles can contribute to its development. The use of steroids helps oxygen and other nutrients penetrate the muscles by increasing red blood cell production.

Some would also report experiencing a boost in appetite when taking steroids, impacting muscle growth optimally. Also, it speeds up the body’s recovery process following an intense workout and can also improve endurance, allowing users to train longer and harder.

There are some instances where steroid users claim to notice a positive shift in their moods and behaviors. Individuals on steroids would say that it gave them more self-confidence. It also changed how they saw themselves and their potential.

Another advantage that many people say they encountered after using steroids is the increase in their sexual drives, and it applies to both men and women alike.

Adverse Effects Of Steroid Use

One of the drawbacks of using steroids is that you disrupt hormone synthesis, primarily testosterone. There would be a significant decline in testosterone production due to synthetic counterparts entering the body.

So in this regard, as soon as your steroid cycle ends, you are likely to experience low levels of testosterone production. Reduced muscle strength and sexual urges are also possible. Steroids can likewise cause psychological dependence in some people, including withdrawal symptoms when they stop using them.

The typical reaction associated with steroid use is hepatotoxicity, although one should also know that not everyone using steroids will also experience this. The kind of substance you use and its dosage greatly determine how it will affect your liver.

Genetic predisposition and pre-existing medical conditions may also contribute to the likelihood of acquiring liver problems while on steroids. In addition to acne and baldness, the chances of cardiovascular disease increase and the levels of cholesterol.

When it comes to topics like this, it’s crucial to be fully aware that no safe steroids exist. Regardless of how nicely packaged they all are, each of these products went through artificial integration.

But by adhering to proper dosages and duration of the course, you can minimize the detrimental effects of steroids. Nevertheless, based on their characteristics, you can evaluate which anabolic steroids are the safest. Here are some of them:


Many doctors recommend Oxandrolone as one of the safest and mildest stimulants. In addition to building high-quality muscle mass, it is non-aromatizing and can assist in burning fat. It also has a fair balance of both androgenic and anabolic properties. A post-cycle therapy won’t even be necessary following Anavar use.

There are greater chances that Oxandrolone won’t cause adverse reactions unless you take it in exceedingly high doses. Only then would it have an unfavorable impact on your testosterone production.

Despite being an oral steroid, alpha-alkylated Anavar is still relatively mild in that regard, as well. Livers are almost unaffected by this steroid. Due to the unique chemical composition of oxandrolone, it is resistant to liver metabolism and exhibits tangible anabolic activity.

Besides, taking Oxandrolone is hassle-free. The body eliminates it rapidly from the system, making it safe for women to use.


Stanozolol (Winstrol) generally has a reputation of being a safe steroid. The use of this drug is mainly for the prevention of congenital angioedema. It also makes angioedema attacks less severe. Aside from that, the medical community also uses Stanozolol for breast cancer and anemia treatment.

Alternatively, bodybuilders benefit from Stanozolol by helping them obtain “dry” muscles, enhance muscle quality, and boost their strength and speed. Many would call it the most harmless drug for achieving muscle mass increase. The gains may not be as substantial, but they can help you achieve well-toned and rigid muscles.

This anabolic steroid works perfectly for muscle retention and for developing muscles without any problems. It may lack the potency of its alternatives, but even so, Stanozolol can be reasonably efficient. Although if you prefer more bulk, then this steroid may not be suitable for you.

It also works well in burning fat; most athletes often use this drug before a competition. The drug cuts cortisol levels, where the body stores stubborn fats. Hence, Stanozolol’s fat-burning effects are pretty impressive. Fluid retention is also not an issue when you’re using this steroid, which explains the dry, lean look that you will start noticing from the first few days of initial use.

Another advantage that users note of Stanozolol is how it facilitates rapid recovery for impaired bones. Such allows individuals to move freely in doing daily activities without the tremendous pain resulting from an injury.

There’s a lesser risk of experiencing liver toxicity following the use of Stanozolol. Further, it is a non-aromatizing steroid but may still display androgenic reactions if you take it in high dosages. As a result, women are discouraged from using this drug.


Boldenone is an anabolic-androgenic steroid that you can safely use with other compounds to achieve the best results. It is well-known for enhancing appetite and improving protein integration. 

Boldenone helps steroid users develop muscle mass and can even stimulate the healthy production of red blood cells. As such, this drug ensures adequate amounts of oxygen that can aid in growing more muscle tissues. 

This medication has more dominant anabolic properties and slightly displays androgenic characteristics. As such, it is a crowd favorite among the athletes. The use of this steroid also results in more muscular strength gradually but consistently.

Furthermore, Boldenone has no therapeutic use for humans, and its primary use is being a veterinary medication, specifically for horses. With this medication, you can expect limited fluid retention, allowing users to avoid that typical bloated appearance.

Existing Boldenone users recommend it for its safety profile that does not harm the liver. The use of this drug can yield dramatic development in muscle mass without causing hepatic and prostate problems. Additionally, Boldenone’s incapacity for estrogen conversion makes estrogenic-related issues least likely to occur.

The chances of testosterone suppression are also rare when using this steroid. But in some cases, some users also experienced androgenic effects, like acne and balding. Unless you take this drug in exceedingly high dosages, experiencing adverse effects should be the least of your concerns.


Primobolan has this undisputable reputation of being a long-acting steroid with moderate anabolic effects. Steroid users refer to it as one of the safest since it also has low androgenic compounds. As such, Primobolan offers you the confidence to do less harm to your liver. You won’t even have to worry about aromatization.

Primobolan comes in two types: Primobolan Acetate, or the oral variant of the drug, and the other is Primobolan Depot, which is the injectable form. Both can deliver excellent results, but the injectable has quite a reputation for its extreme post-injection pain. So, if such pain scares you, Primobolan Acetate is a more fitting choice.

Primarily, the medical community took advantage of its benefits for treating malnourished children. It also made quite a name for osteoporosis and sarcopenia treatment. 

Some would tend to overlook it due to its high cost, and it can only provide modest but quality muscle gains. It would approximately cost you around $100-150 weekly, which might be a lot for a minimal muscle increase. Aside from that, using Primobolan in significant numbers is necessary for more efficiency.

Its price and dosage requirement are some of its drawbacks. However, women require smaller doses than men to mitigate the risks of Primo’s potential side effects.

Moreover, Primobolan does not block bone growth zones similar to Oxandrolone. We can recommend it as a safe yet effective steroid well-suited for beginners. It’s also a female-friendly anabolic steroid that has rare issues with virilization. As such, Primobolan users can enjoy its benefits without worrying about baldness or having deeper voices.

Although Primobolan can aid in fat loss only in moderation, it can protect your muscles during a complicated diet. It is all because of Primo’s capability for substantial nitrogen retention in your body. The drug may only do so little when building muscle fibers, but it maintains current muscle mass.

Such anabolic contributing to strength improvement and only slight weight gain can appeal to those who want to maintain weight. These features come in handy for athletes before joining a competition. Besides having those lean muscles, Primobolan also works best in giving you a more vascular look. 

You can even maintain a slim profile while using Primo, even if you do not adhere to a strict diet. For this reason, many users resort to this steroid for cutting cycles. Again, we’d have to thank this drug’s impressive nitrogen retention capabilities for that. As a bonus, Primo likewise works wonderfully in supporting your immune system.

Since Primobolan is not alpha-alkylated, many also use it in between their cycles or during the “off” season. Doing so helps them retain not only their muscle mass but also their endurance. You can even use it during a cutting cycle without wasting any muscles you worked so hard to achieve.

Is It Possible to Take Steroids Safely?

When someone’s body is not adversely affected by steroids, that can probably pass as worthwhile consideration of a safe steroid course. There should be no unnecessary strain on your body organs such as the heart, kidney, and liver when you use these steroids.

It is possible when the user adheres to dosage requirements and frequency of use. You may also find it helpful to ensure appropriate preparations to achieve this goal.

The following characteristics should be present for safe steroid use:

  • Less toxic medications with only minimal side effects are safer. The toxicity of a substance is essential not just for individual organs but also for the whole body. Keep in mind all the safety considerations we mentioned. Most stacks consist of testosterone as the base steroid. Hence, one cannot use it without experiencing any estrogenic and androgenic reactions. But you can try to find one that least interferes with your hormonal system. That would be the most you could do if you’re aiming for a safe steroid to use.
  • Steroids with reduced androgenic properties are also safe as it helps prevent the risk of side effects. Testosterone’s androgenic effects are what induce male sexual characteristics. Some of these reactions are male-pattern baldness, enlarged prostate, oily skin, and severe acne.
  • The use of non-aromatizing steroids is relatively reliable. Such steroids do not convert testosterone into estrogen. A high level of estrogen can lead to hormonal imbalances. As a result, your body suppresses testosterone production as part of its attempts to stabilize testosterone levels. Weight gain, gynecomastia, and muscle wastage are some of the common side effects you can expect when your body has too much estrogen.

Typically, steroid users take supplements to reduce the risk of adverse side effects and restore hormone production. Aside from that, it is imperative that you also focus on your nutrition. Maintaining a consistent training regimen might be challenging, but wait until you try sorting out your diet plan.

The use of such supplements would never take the place of a completely balanced diet. Nonetheless, they can do wonders as safety backups only. You should also adopt a healthy lifestyle that encourages good nutrition and regular exercise for more long-term benefits.

You can try having protein-rich foods in your meals, as protein is well-known for its wonders for growing and maintaining muscles. Besides protein, foods with natural-fat-burning effects, fiber-rich, and antioxidants would be good to have as well.

Taking a full range of motion can help your muscles produce as much force as possible. With that said, some heavy lifting can promote hypertrophy due to mechanical tension. Alternatively, one research likewise shows that some moderate but repetitive weightlifting can stimulate muscle growth. The latter option is more suitable for those who’d rather skip heavy lifting.

Before committing to a steroid cycle, make sure you’ve done your research. Since you’re reading this, you’re already researching steroids, so kudos to you! Knowing more about steroids will make it easier for you to choose the proper cycle.

Once you know your steroids, you will have increased awareness of what compounds are milder and safe. Various steroids behave differently and affect the body in different ways. Become as familiar as you can with each drug before using them.

Go for ones that require fewer dosages and don’t focus on merely your desired outcome. It is in your utmost interest to not exceed the recommended dose and ensure purchasing from trusted sellers only.

Our goal is to prevent any steroid users reading this article from selecting the wrong kind, in addition to not knowing how to take them properly. We do our best to provide you with relevant pieces of information to help keep you safe while using steroids.

At least now you have a better conception of some of the existing misinformation about the use of steroids. While some steroids cause less severe reactions, they can still be vital for other users, significantly if they impact their lifestyle. As such, it would still be necessary to give such effects the same consideration as you would give other side effects that are more pronounced.

Don’t just go for overly dramatic results if, in exchange, it will compromise your overall health and wellbeing. Try to stay away from very potent compounds that can pose a higher risk of adverse reactions. Little becomes more when you are consistent in earning those muscle gains progressively.

Final Thoughts

Many people’s misconception about steroids is due to what they have heard about their side effects, whether they are true or not. To say that steroid use has a high stigma in our society is an understatement. Without really going into great detail, the public tends to believe the national newspapers and television reports.

We hope that steroid users realize that they can control most of their side effects efficiently and without much risk. Steroids inevitably have side effects, some of which are pretty uncomfortable, but many of them exaggerated.

Anabolic-androgenic steroids cause adverse effects in anyone who abuses them. When people use steroids, they usually do not do so to get high. Their goal is to improve their looks or succeed in competitions by making changes to their bodies.

Even the way you take steroids matters when you’re thinking about safety. Since anabolics are available in oral and injectable form, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of choosing either. 

You should consider even the slightest effects. Even if, as mild as it can be, if it would affect your way of living, then you better give it some careful analysis first before jumping right in.

In contrast to injectable steroids, oral steroids don’t stay in the body as long. Such steroids also have to pass through the liver to free them from toxins before the body utilizes them. A consumption like that can be risky for your liver.

As a result, injectables seem to be the better option since they stay in your blood longer. Having the compound directly into your bloodstream can give your liver a break. However, it is essential to note that injections only minimize the risks, not eliminate them.

However, if you intend to use steroids, you should know how to use them and what to expect. Side effects and health hazards will vary depending on the type of compound and dosage used. Lastly, we do not advocate steroid use.

From our perspective, there are no safe steroids. You may at least get a chance to find ones with fewer side effects. Also, regardless of how supposedly “safe” a compound is, implementing post-cycle therapy can be wise. 

Post-cycle treatments are effective in repairing the damage that anabolic steroids have caused. An end-of-cycle testosterone crash can cause serious problems, not to mention. One which you’d rather avoid since you already have the option to do so. In PCTs, it will include medications or supplements to help your body regain its natural testosterone levels.

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